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Face ART Design / theme & layout Forumotion Review

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Design/Theme & Layout - Rating: Good
    I would like to begin this review by simply stating that your forum has an incredible and exquisite design that looks professionally well done. Everything looks like it has a good foundation for the rest of the construction and the new upgrades to come. Keep on this track, and please take into consideration the tips that I may give you.

    Your design has an incredible vibe that gives off a great artistic view in graphics and through it's basic design. Your design matches you unique theme very well as the two can relate in many ways. Your design looks well planned out, and it shows that it is professionally done. Your colors go together so well in this unique way that I have only seen in a select few forums. I can also see the forum's main theme highlighted from the color scheme and from the banner demonstrating many different faces. Your design and theme itself both create this certain artistic point of view that everyone will one day get to see.

    Your layout looks really nice, but for some reason, it looks almost not finished. I think that you can improve by just creating some more original ideas like you already did with the rest of the forum. One thing that I did notice was that your use of multi-forums in one was used to the best of the forum's ability and makes the forum look very professional. One thing that I did notice was your "Commission Shop" category. When you hover over it, there is one more empty space towards the bottom right hand side waiting to be filled in with a brand new original and unique idea. Also remember to keep the categories/forums short so that the scrolling space will be short, and the forum will be easier to navigate.

    To summarize this review, I would like to just say that your forum has much potential and looks like it could one day be recognized throughout many people. Keep up the good work, and take into consideration some of the tips that I may have given to you. The reason of the "Good" rating was due to the layout. Although your design/theme was incredible, I just recommend that you add some more of your intelligence towards the completion of your layout. Wink

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